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6 Makeup Trends To Try This Year

Switch up your look with a new, exciting twist. Here are just a few of the latest trends.

Cleopatra eyeliner

Eyeliner is one of the easiest ways to transform a makeup look from boring to bold. Cleopatra eyeliner has taken over fashion runways and Instagram alike, proving that it’s truly a trend for everyone.

Cleopatra eyeliner is reminiscent of how the Egyptian queen herself wore it – heavy on the bottom, flicked out on the outer corners, and drawn all the way around the eye and into the middle corner.

Silver sparkle

There’s something about sparkle that never goes out of style, but it is always evolving. On the menu for spring is silver eyeshadow. Silver eyeshadow offers an edge and futuristic look and can be as subtle or as bold as you want. A touch of silver along the lower lash line is understated, while shimmer shadow from lashes to brows is dramatic.

This spring makeup trend can be taken one step further with unusual stripes and patterns, like a bold silver stripe down the middle of each eye.


Another spring eyeliner trend is underliner. With underliner, you create a dramatic line of color on the lower lash line, but leave the top lid bare. It’s a dramatic look that can be created in any color.

Do it yourself with your favorite eyeshadow or eyeliner. Apply the color from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, and then flick it up toward your temples.

Mirror-like gloss

There’s a long list of trends that are back from the ‘90s, and high-shine gloss is on it. High-shine gloss isn’t just any lip gloss; it’s lip gloss so glassy it mimics a mirror.

To achieve the trend, swipe your shiniest gloss over a nude or pink lipstick base.

Rounded cat-eye

Cat-eye eyeliner has been around for a while, but the trend is starting to transform for spring.

A new version of this tried-and-true trend has emerged that sees the ends of the eyeliner take on a rounded shape.

To perfect this look, be sure to prep the area with nourishing eye care. Use a cream eyeshadow and rounded brush to create a circle on the outer corners of your eyelids. Then, begin to pull the product inwards until you’re happy with the shape. You can finish off the look with smokey eye makeup or leaving your lids bare.

Dramatic flush

You might not think of blush as the most dramatic beauty product in your makeup bag, but it can do more than you think. Designers, fashion editors, and makeup artists are taking advantage of blush by creating overly flushed makeup looks.

An abundance of color in the cheeks mimics the fresh look you naturally have after exercise, making a flushed look extremely fresh and alive.

You can achieve ultra-flushed cheeks by sweeping a bright pink or peach blush across the cheeks. For a more dramatic look, sweep the color all to way up to the outer corners of the eyes.

The world of cosmetics is constantly changing. This spring, try a few of the fun and flirty trends that have everyone talking.

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