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Get Effortless Festival Hair in 3 Steps

festival hair

With festival season coming up quick, it’s time to pick your perfect festival hairstyle.

Festivals are all about fun and freedom, so your hairstyle should ooze effortlessness.

Here are four easy hairstyle ideas that you can achieve

Beachy Texture

If you’re heading to a festival near the water, then a beachy hairstyle is the perfect accompaniment.

Beachy texture offers a cool and carefree vibe, perfect for the festival scene. What’s even better is that you can achieve the look in just three easy steps.

First, be sure to protect your hair from any potential breakage and damage with a leave-in treatment which can not only help repair but also detangle your hair. Next, you’ll enhance your hair’s natural texture, creating an effortlessly undone look with the help of a texture tonic. Then, lock in that beachy feel with a hair spray that can provide a perfect flexible hold for your festival style.

Finish this look with an ethereal makeup look that pairs perfectly with your ocean-inspired hair.

Bombshell Volume

Big hair is a staple of festival concert hairstyles. Try this all-out style to match your personality.

Before you begin creating your Coachella hair, prep for pure volume with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. If your hair suffers from breakage or thinning, consider adding damaged or thinning hair products to your routine before you head off to your festival.

Again, begin with a leave-in treatment for protection. Once your hair is smooth and silky, use a volumizing tonic to create maximum body even in fine hair. Last, use strong hold hair spray to make sure that your volume lasts from concert to concert.

Love Your Curls

If you have natural curls, now is the time to pump them up. Festivals are the perfect time not only for cool braids or a flower hairstyle, but also for curls that will bounce with the beats.

After detangling and adding protection to your curls, intensify them with a curl enhancer. This styling product defines your curls by expanding when your hair is wet and retracting when dry to lock in your curls or waves. Set it all in place with hair spray.

Complement your curls with a festival makeup. Let your lips pop with a bit of deep lip color, and make sure your complexion looks effortless with a build-able foundation.

Effortless Body and Shine

Feed your free spirit with natural-looking body and shine. This festival look is understated and effortless, perfect for that woke-up-like-this allure.

Start with treatment to repair and protect your hair. Then, create a weightless body with a styling foam. Make sure the body and shine last all day and night with a hair spray.

After you’ve created a hairstyle that’s effortless, pair it with a bold makeup look. Use foundation to create a beautiful blank canvas before adding a daring pop of lip color. Make sure to use eye care before creating a colorfully shadowed look.

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