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Recovery Expectations For A Mommy Makeover

There are a number of women who will want to have a full makeover done. These are women that will want to get their body back to how it was pre-pregnancy. However, most don’t know the process or feel like expectations aren’t clear enough to go ahead with this procedure. This article should elaborate a little.

The Consultation

The consultation process for a mommy makeover allows your surgeon to look over your chart, look at what you want, and see what he can do for you. You can choose a number of procedures that will include a tummy tuck, the facelift, a nose job, and possibly a butt lift. You could have breast augmentation done, or you could have a breast reduction done if you have a lot of breast tissue that you have been contending with. You can have your C-Section scar smoothed over, and you could even ask for a belly sculpting or leg sculpting procedure. An experienced surgeon will get you ready for the surgery, and you will schedule a time to come in and have everything done.

Outpatient Surgery

You are given an outpatient procedure time that allows you to come in early, get ready, and start the procedure early. You must start early in the day so that you have time to recover. The procedure itself could take some time. You might get liposuction that is on both sides of your body, and you need to be turned on the table. This takes time, and the doctor must go back for other procedures that are supposed to be done. You are taken to a special recovery room when the surgery is over, and you are given a chance to pull yourself together, to assess the success of the surgery, and get all the information you need to go home. You need to spend some time out of work because the procedure could be very intensive.

The Recovery Packet

The recovery packet has information that you must use when you are at home, and it includes instructions for pain medication, a prescription for pain medication if you need it, and instructions on how to handle your dressings. You are scheduled for follow-up appointments, and you are asked to come back in more than once so that you can see the doctor and get an assessment of the work that was done.


You must rest when you get home because you need to not stress the sutures and stitches that were used in your procedure. You have parts of your body that will be very tender, and you should not do anything strenuous. It is best to have someone at home who can help you, and it is wise to have someone else you shower because you will not be able to lift your arms and stretch as you normally would. The majority of people who have issues with their bodies in this period of time are coming back too fast. They want to do too much, and they are pushing it so hard that they cannot keep up. Their body will start to rebel, and they could injure themselves, tear stitches, or start bleeding.


You must take your pain medication only as prescribed. Most people who have been through a procedure need to know that they can alleviate their pain, and they should get the prescription even if they do not use it every day. You must take it when you are not feeling well, and you should look over the instructions because each type of pain medication is different. There are many on the market, or you might be told to use something like ibuprofen. This means that you can keep control of your pain while you are recovering. You will feel some level of discomfort just because you have been through a very thorough procedure.

You Need Be Specific About What You Want

You must be very specific about what you want when you get the makeover done. You should not hold back. You want to get all these things done at once so that there is only one recovery period. You will be very happy about the results that you get because you have asked about all the things that you need to know. You should be sure that you have found all the research that you need on these procedures so that you know what you are doing. You should remember that you can get many things done faster because the doctor is already working on you.

You could get multiple sets of liposuction done, and you will find that you could have your breasts done a little larger than you would have liked because you will want to have the biggest curves possible. Plus, you will want to have your tummy sculpted because you have already had fat removed from your body. You could get the sculpting done that you need because it helps you feel much better about yourself. You should remember that you have to ask the doctor how he would proceed, and

You might even want to ask him about other patient results to see what the surgeon can offer.


Dr. Douglas Steinbrech has years of experience working with ladies who would like to make over their bodies, and there are a number of things that ladies can expect when they have this procedure. The mommy makeover is a very intense procedure that has many parts. You can come in at any time to start the process of getting a mommy makeover, and you can create a procedure that you believe is best for you. Each step in this process will help you get your body back, recover quickly, and feel good about the choices you have made.

Dr. Steinbrech performs many cosmetic procedures in his New York office. A board-certified surgeon, he specializes in body procedures such as breast augmentation and so forth. If you’re a mother who is interested in a mommy makeover in the NYC area, contact Dr. Steinbrech.

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