Beauty Resolution: 3 Simple Ways To Green Your Makeup Routine

Most women are willing to try anything when it comes to beauty, but this year, you may want to make a resolution to improve your makeup routine. According to a research, women put an average of 168 chemicals on their bodies every day, and some of these chemicals come from the makeup and skincare products that we use. While some of these chemicals may not negatively affect our health, other ingredients such as parabens and phthalates can be potentially harmful to our well-being. Moreover, some questionable makeup ingredients can also harm the environment due to their toxic nature. This year, try an all-natural approach to make your beauty routine healthier. Here are a few simple ways to green your makeup routine.

Start with one product

Start with one product

Doing a complete beauty routine overhaul can be overwhelming for your skin and budget, so it’s advisable to start the switch with one product that you use on a daily basis. For instance, you can start with your moisturizer, makeup primer, finishing powder, or powder foundation. Find a formula that works for your skin type and make sure to test cosmetics such as foundation, concealer, and powder to get a perfect match. Having the right color and finish will encourage you to use your organic makeup every day. The number of natural beauty brands available can be overwhelming, so take the time to go to a store that has testers and swatch until you find your perfect shade.

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Don’t use makeup wipes

Using makeup wipes may be a convenient way to get rid of makeup before bedtime, but knots of these fibrous wipes are now clogging up drains and littering beaches around the world. To keep your skin healthy and avoid harming the earth, do a double cleanse instead by using a rinse-off balm, cream, or oil-based cleanser on your face to emulsify the makeup followed by water and foaming cleanser. Alternatively, you can use a damp washcloth, a konjac sponge, or a cleansing brush with a bit of foaming cleanser to clean your face of every trace of makeup.

Use multi-purpose makeup

Just like food, makeup has an expiration date, and it’s possible that some of your cosmetics are already past their shelf life before you even hit the pan. Choosing multi-purpose makeup enables you to buy fewer products so you get to save money. The environment gets to benefit as well as there’s less waste. Try using a matte bronzer as a contour powder or eyeshadow, or mascara as a gel liner.

Improving your beauty routine should be a priority this year. Follow these tips to green your makeup routine for better health and a cleaner environment.

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