Our Vegan Fitness Diet Plan And Exercise

We started a vegan diet a few months ago. We don’t keep up with it 100% all the time, but we’ve already been seeing great results and noticed that we’re feeling much better! We’ve had some trouble with healthy diets in the past — basically, we’re very busy people, so often we just don’t have time to go through our cookbooks and decide what we want to eat for the week, then make a list, then actually go to the store.

Vegan Fitness Diet Plan: Some Helpful Tools

Luckily, I found this great website called Veggie Meal Maker. It’s nice because it suggests a meal plan for you for the week, then gives you a grocery list to go shopping with. We’ve cut down our grocery shopping prep time almost entirely. Plus, there’s a lot of variety with the meal plans, so we haven’t gotten bored of the food just yet. Hopefully we can keep up with it!

Luckily, we follow a minimalist lifestyle and have never really been the type of people to eat a lot of fast food or junk food, so it’s not a difficult transition. Eating healthy has had such a positive impact on us, that even when we do miss a day of the plan and order take-out or go out to eat, we usually pick healthier options.

Another great thing we started this month is the Green Smoothie Challenge. I found out about this one on Pinterest, and I’m really excited about getting started and giving it a try.

From // Looks delicious, doesn’t it?

The whole goal of this challenge is to get you to eat more fruits and veggies by simply adding a green smoothie to your diet. I like this idea because, unlike those juice cleanses and other “healthy” diet crazes, this one still encourages you to eat food in addition to your smoothie.

We just got a new blender, too, so it’s been really fun to try out these new recipes. This month’s challenge has already started, but they have a lot of free recipes on the site that you can try, plus it looks like they’ll have some more challenges coming up in the future! I’ll keep you all updated on how we feel throughout the month doing this challenge.

Planning on Exercise:

We’re still working on an exercise plan that works for us. Eating healthy has never been the huge challenge for us, but exercise definitely has been difficult. We work long hours, so finding time to exercise has been tough. We do try to add little things even on busy days to help with this, though. For instance, we’ve both started taking the stairs at work in lieu of the elevator. We also try to park in the back of the parking lot to encourage us to walk more.

We’re not really the type of people that you would normally consider overweight or out of shape, either, which probably contributes the most to our laziness when it comes to exercise. We’re way more in shape than most of our friends, so it’s hard to feel motivated. We try to motivate each other, mostly.

I started running a few years ago because I decided I needed something that I could do to stay fit. I’m not immediately worried about my health, but I want to start a regular exercise routine now so that I don’t start to fall apart as I get older. One of the best motivations I’ve found for running is to always have a race coming up. I am running a 5K this weekend, and then we’ll start training for our 1/2 marathon next September. I’m on the lookout now for a good marathon to run next spring. I’ve never run a marathon before, so I think that would be a good goal to help me stay fit as my wedding approaches. After that, we’ve been talking about attempting a triathlon.

My husband is a swimmer and isn’t a huge fan of running, so it’s tricky for him to stay motivated sometimes, but we try to find time to go running together. It’s much easier to stay motivated to exercise when you have someone by your side cheering you on.

So this is our basic plan for fitness as we approach our upcoming wedding. We both would like to be really fit for our wedding and honeymoon (we’ll probably be somewhere tropical, so we want to look good in our bathing suits!), so we’re starting early. Hopefully we can stay motivated to keep up with it! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated here, so you can hold me accountable!

Anyone else start their diet and fitness plan early? How intense was your plan and how easy or difficult was it for you to stay motivated? Did you do anything to hold yourself accountable?

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