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What Makes a Hotel Truly Pet-Friendly

Several years ago hotels are only pet-friendly to their extremely rich client who can either afford the expensive presidential suite or premium VIP room, now they are shifting their policy. As part of their business adaptation, they are welcoming our pets as a guest. Thanks to the growing trend of pet-owner traveler. Most of the dog-friendly hotels Seattle have a promo for free stuff, from dog treats to dog masseuse, all for the aim of increasing the reservation.

Unfortunately, some of them are for PR purposes and didn’t live to their claim as a true pet-friendly. While others failed, several hotels are genuine and worth mentioning, an example is the Kimton Hotel and restaurant.

One crucial sign if the hotel is truly pet-friendly is if they own a pet, you might find them sleeping or roaming in the lobby. Of course, we can’t base our judgment in this factor alone. The following are some policies that define what is a truly pet-friendly hotel.

  1. If they don’t charge the pet higher than the rate of your room – you need to be aware of these charges before you make a reservation. Some hotels have a “non-refundable deposit”. This fee doesn’t make sense, if your pet didn’t cause any ruckus and the furniture is in the same condition as well as you check in, you are entitled to a refund. This policy is telling you “our rate is $100 per night, but we will charge you $200 per stay”.
  2. If they don’t charge for an additional ” inflated cleaning fee” – Perhaps, this is one way to rip off your customers, all hotels have a standard procedure of deep cleaning and vacuuming hair is included. How come that the hair of pooch will cost too much trouble to the staff and management?
  3. They accept any size and numbers – We need to apply common sense here, it is expected that the hotel will charge an additional fee if you bring more than 2 pets, which is understandable. In some bizarre reason, many of the hotels have a size limit. Perhaps they didn’t know that the smaller pooches are more active than their bigger counterpart.
  4. The staff is well trained and pet-educated – they have a pet-sitting specialist, not a moonlighting waiter or bellboy. In addition, the staffs are trained not to touch your pet without permission which always does happens.
  5. It has a set-aside room – Most pets are not familiar riding with elevator and the management knows about this fact. Most pet-friendly hotel set aside the ground floor for the pet-owners.
  6. It doesn’t have a stifling restriction – the dining room is a reasonable pet forbidden area, a restriction in another area is a red flag:
  • Pet’s aren’t allowed to walk on the walking path
  • Pet’s aren’t allowed near the pool or beach
  • Pet’s aren’t allowed to the restaurant, lobby and outdoor patio


Before you make a reservation it better to read first the hotel pet policy on their official website then make a call to confirm and be clear to all the charges and fee.

Also, reading the review website and some pet loving travel advisory blog will help you to make a better judgment. Don’t forget that the outcome of your check-in might change the policy of the genuine pet-friendly hotel.

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